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03:48 PM Katello Bug #23338 (Ready For Testing): Accept local pool ids when listing upstream subscriptions
In order to make this API more usable we should take local pool(subscription) IDs as option input instead of upstream...


12:09 AM Katello Bug #23265 (Closed): Don't build tracer plugin on suse
12:09 AM Katello Bug #23265: Don't build tracer plugin on suse
This was resolved in


01:27 PM Katello Bug #23109: Listing errata on bulk apply page errors with ActionView::Template::Error: undefined ...
Can you still reproduce this? The modal loads fine for me with the latest code. Stack trace might help pinpoint it!


07:23 PM Katello Bug #23274 (Closed): Can't add activation key to hostgroup via UI
The key isn't being saved because we are sending bad data in the _destroy field with the form submission


02:27 PM Katello Bug #23268 (New): Add katello-host-tools agent tests
With some large changes coming[1] and given the timeline of 3.7 release we don't have capacity for proper testing. Le...


08:56 PM Katello Bug #23265 (Closed): Don't build tracer plugin on suse
We don't support it!


02:13 PM Katello Bug #23182 (Closed): Add param to limit upstream subs index to attachable ones
In terms of the manage subscriptions UI the list of attachable subscriptions should reflect what is actually attachab...


02:29 PM Katello Bug #23137 (Closed): Set http proxy in a thread-safe way
We won't have to remember to reset the proxy to nil after requests


01:29 PM Katello Bug #23119 (Closed): Correct rubocop on candlepin proxies controller
Somehow this was merged:...

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