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12:40 PM Katello Revision c5d6d128 (puppet-certs): Fix debian OS determination (#193)


01:08 AM Katello Bug #22623 (Assigned): Yum plugins should support DNF
enabled repos upload, package upload, and tracer upload should work


11:01 PM Katello Bug #22186 (Closed): Date format of published content view in yaml output changed on Rails 5.x an...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|ac81226e3da738fefefd47a8fc5daa5d029b18ba.
10:23 PM Katello Revision ac81226e (katello): Fixes #22186 - Correct date format in Host Info Provider


10:44 PM Katello Bug #21517 (Closed): katello-change-hostname should remove last_scenario.yml only after success o...
10:44 PM Katello Bug #21252 (Closed): katello-change-hostname- doesn't delete last scenario file
08:57 PM Packaging Revision 58694390 (foreman-packaging): Fixes #21517 - Backup last_scenario.yaml on hostname change
01:01 AM Katello Bug #22276 (Closed): errata apply using remote-execution not working
Applied in changeset commit:katello|f3761586130d31f5166d762c1d75fa4cf8c92620.
12:20 AM Katello Revision f3761586 (katello): Fixes #22276 - Make errata apply via REX respond


02:48 PM Katello Bug #21979 (Closed): Not possible to view/edit repository: undefined method 'product' for #
This issue has been addressed by the two associated bugs, so I am going to close this one out. Thank you for the report!

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