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02:21 PM Foreman Support #19029 (Closed): Storage Domain now showing with oVirt 4.1(.1)
hey :)
Is this bug still relevant?
if so, can you please try test the connection of your compute resource
11:44 AM Foreman Bug #20468 (Resolved): Cloning of oVirt VM is not creating storage
This is no longer reproducible in develop (1.18) .
10:30 AM Foreman Feature #20130 (Assigned): Creating new Ovirt vm with a single disk (not marked as bootable) resu...


08:53 AM Foreman Feature #17136 (Assigned): enable high availability when using ovirt compute resource


02:24 PM Foreman Bug #21383 (Closed): Rhv provisioning from image/template doesn't apply proper CPU count
The bug was fixed as part of the following issue:


02:02 PM Foreman Bug #23196 (Closed): Default values of cores sockets in new VM should be 1
Applied in changeset commit:c0e00d6c1f01aa28f0317344be5514467b1edc64.
02:02 PM Foreman Bug #22117 (Closed): Add support for specifying number for sockets for oVirt
Applied in changeset commit:073046ccd8c469633e4ca1c345038b26bd156895.
01:54 PM Foreman Revision c0e00d6c: Fixes #23196 - Add default values for cores and socket in VM
01:54 PM Foreman Revision 073046cc: Fixes #22117 - Add support for number of sockets for ovirt


10:01 AM Foreman Bug #23196 (Closed): Default values of cores sockets in new VM should be 1
When creating VM, it is not possible to create vm without cores and sockets,
The correct behavior should be that th...

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