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Support for hosting Red Had Enterprise Linux 4.x repositories

Added by Matthew Ceroni over 4 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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I have a need to host YUM repositories for Red Hat 4.x boxes (I know, they are ancient but I can't get rid of them just yet). Currently the Yum metadata checksum options are SHA1 and SHA2. As RH4 is so old, the yum python scripts are coded to look for SHA (SHA2 didn't exist at that time) in the repomd.xml file. When it sees SHA1 as the checksum it errors and fails checksum. This is corrected (and verified as working) but editing the and file to add an OR condition when checking for sumtype

elif sumtype 'sha'


elif sumtype 'sha' OR sumtype = 'sha1'

It would be easier to just have another drop down option that allows you to set it to SHA so that the repo meta data file gets generated with a checksum value of SHA.


#1 Updated by Matthew Ceroni over 4 years ago

In addition it appears that selecting SHA1 only generates SHA1 checksum for the repomd.xml file. Not for the package listings themselves. They default back to SHA256. I believe this is an issue with createrepo and specifying the -s option. If you use --checksum=SHA|SHA1|SHA256 that ensures that the correct checksum is used at all levels.

I have verified this on my system by manually running createrepo on the Repositories created through Katello.

#2 Updated by Eric Helms over 4 years ago

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If Pulp supports SHA then we can add it as an option, if not you'll have to file a bug with them to get supported added.

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