Bug #17347

Task auto-reload function leaks to other pages

Added by Adam Ruzicka over 2 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Description of problem:

if (typeof taskProgressReloader === 'undefined') {
    var taskProgressReloader = {
      timeoutId: null,
      reload: function () {
        // we need different reload mechanism for two-pane and non-two-pane
        if (typeof currentTwoPaneTask !== 'undefined') {
>>>       if($('.two-pane-right').length) {
            taskProgressReloader.timeoutId = null;
          } else {
        } else {

If you have a running task with auto-reload set to True, it will refresh the '.two-pane-right' element every 5 seconds if it exists in the DOM.

However, if you manage to navigate to e.g. Infrastructure -> Domains -> Domain_ID, you'll open another dialog with the same class.
Since the navigation is handled by javascript, no DOM refresh occurs, keeping the auto refresh function running. This detects the `.two-pane-right` element and refreshes it with the task details.

User ends up with a task details dialog at Domains page (see screenshot).

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
6.2.0 beta (GA14.2)

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. create some long-running task (e.g. sync some red hat repos)
2. open up the task details via Monitor -> Tasks
3. leave auto-refreshing on
4. just after the refresh, navigate to some entity using the same css class (e.g. Infrastructure->Domains->yourDomain)
5. after a short while (<5seconds) the domain details should bre refreshed and display the task details

Actual results:
taskProgressReloader is not being stopped as it still detects the .two-pane-right element.

Expected results:
taskProgressReloader stops on navigating out of the page. the condition should look for some unique selector instead of a class shared all across satellite (.two-pane-right)

Additional info:

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Related to foreman-tasks - Bug #17346: Clicking the Dynflow console button should stop auto reloading.New2016-11-15

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Revision c1284725 (diff)
Added by Adam Ruzicka almost 2 years ago

Fixes #17347 - Stop autorefresh leaking to other pages


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