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Adjust full_results param issue has caused some confusion at RedHat

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Earlier in the year it was found that your API docs reported full_results as a way to turn off pagination but it was implemented in the code as full_result. The API docs has since been fixed to use full_result now by this merge at

I'm not sure if you can but it would be nice if someone could notify RedHat about this merge as it has caused some confusion.

Customers report full_results doesnt work, this has spawned a RedHat solution KB article around this specific issue at RedHat's solution is that essentially turning off pagination is not supported by the API when it clearly is, it was just documented wrong. I posted a comment on the KB and told them why full_results doesnt work with links back to the merge and this issue.

They also need to update their API docs at

I'm going to reach out to our guy at RedHat but thought I'd also try you guys as well maybe you have some internal RedHat contacts that may get the confusion cleared up faster.



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Closing this as there is no katello change here. Thanks for the report, we'll see about getting that KCS article updated.

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