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new version of content view needed when packages/errata are updated

Added by Johannes Hirte over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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This is a follow up of Cause I'm not able to reopen, I open a new bug for this.

The problem is still the same. Subscribed systems won't get packages updates as long as not a new version of the corresponding content view is published/promoted. This makes sync-plans nearly useless. The repos are synced automatically at night, but I have to check by hand if there are any updates. If so, I need to publish/promote a new version of the content view.

I agree that no new packages should hit a content view. But updates of already existing packages should go in automatically.


#1 Updated by Justin Sherrill over 4 years ago

1. I can't reopen

Apologies, this was working at some point, i'll look into this more.

2. I disagree about the behaviour. A content view should not be a snapshot of the installed system. It should be a snapshot of installed packages. As soon as updates for the package are available, I want them available to subscribed systems. I don't want to check every day, if there are security updates for installed packages for all my systems. Installed packages should get updates without an new version of the content view. I'm very sure this behaviour was different with previous katello versions.

I can assure you this behavior is the same as previous katello versions. "Updates" to existing packages never were automatically pushed to content views after a sync. If you wnat the latest updates, we still recommended subscribing your systems to "LibrarY", "Default Organization View"

3. Subscribing to the library doesn't work either. Tested with one system, and I still don't see the updates with 'yum upgrade'.

This seems like something went wrong. How did you subscribe to library?

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Going ahead and closing this as well due to inactivity. Feel free to reopen or ping someone on #theforeman to have them reopen it if you can't and are interested in further discussions.

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