Bug #21794

The remote execution views in katello should require view_hosts, not edit_hosts permision

Added by Ivan Necas over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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In #19336, we added the remote-execution specific paths to the edit_hosts permission.
However, the rex plugin itself requires just view_hosts for this. as the execution permission
is given by another permission, that is granted by Remote Execution User role: the remote execution
user role doesn't grant edit_hosts. Therefore we should change the required role is Katello for this purposes as well

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Revision f7340d45 (diff)
Added by Ivan Necas over 4 years ago

Fixes #21794 - use view_hosts for rex actions

The Remote Execution User needs just view_hosts (side by side to
execute_job_invocation) permission and there is no reason at all
to use edit_hosts permission for this purposes in Katello.

This way, the `Remote Execution User` role will work correctly
for Katello use-cases as well, which was not the case, when using
`edit_hosts` permission.


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