Feature #23861

Template pxegrub2_chainload issue with UEFI + SuSE

Added by Martin Zimmermann about 1 month ago. Updated 10 days ago.

Target version:1.19.0
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Bugzilla link: Found in Releases:1.17.1
Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/community-templates/pull/482


When a newly provisioned SuSE node boots for the first time, after the initial installation, the chainload Grub2 EFI from ESP fails (because the grubx64.efi file can't be found).

The SuSE UEFI bootloader can be found at this location:

  • SLES:
  • OpenSuSE:

This problem can be fixed easily by extending the "paths" array within the pxegrub2_chainload template e.g.:

<   paths = ["fedora", "redhat", "centos", "debian", "ubuntu", "Microsoft", "EFI"]
>   paths = ["fedora", "redhat", "centos", "debian", "ubuntu", *"sles"*, *"opensuse"*, "Microsoft", "EFI"]

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Added by Martin Zimmermann about 1 month ago

Refs #23861 - pxegrub2 chainload support for OpenSuSE and SLES


#1 Updated by Martin Zimmermann about 1 month ago

Please note, that in my example there are some * characters, which should't be there (my mistake) ... so the array is supposed to look more like this:

<   paths = ["fedora", "redhat", "centos", "debian", "ubuntu", "Microsoft", "EFI"]
>   paths = ["fedora", "redhat", "centos", "debian", "ubuntu", "sles", "opensuse", "Microsoft", "EFI"]

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please open a pull request: https://github.com/theforeman/community-templates/blob/develop/provisioning_templates/snippet/pxegrub2_chainload.erb

maybe pxegrub_chainload.erb also can get extended.

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