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Cache generated external nodes yaml

Added by Paul Kelly about 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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To increase resilience the externalnodes function should cache its results between runs and if it is unable to generate a new result then it should return the cached value.

This may not be as useful as it seems because the puppet clients will also run the last valid manifest they received. I know that this is not quite the same but it is quite similar.

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Revision 7cfd7544 (diff)
Added by Ohad Levy about 8 years ago

fixes #347 - Cache generated external nodes yaml

this provides saves by default the yaml output from foreman on your

it will default to /var/lib/puppet/foreman directory.

in case of failure/timeout/no reply, it would use the cached version of
the external nodes output.

it also contain the push facts alternative, of pushing a node facts
prior to requesting its external node data.
this is probably the best way to esnure that your foreman instance is
updated while not sending old facts to your foreman server.


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this is mostly done already at

maybe the caching part is worth merging back into foreman puppet module.

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