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06:28 PM Foreman Revision 13932002: refs #26741 - adds usage/build instructions for foreman container
[skips ci]


01:37 PM Foreman Revision 7246f6f8: refs #26741 - use develop container tag vs latest
hopefully this makes it more obvious one is using the
latest development build vs a stable release.
[skip ci]


11:53 AM Foreman Revision cdc84204: refs #26741 - update the location of the container image
Container image is now enabled on, on every merge
to foreman repo, a new image would be built for every branc...
09:01 AM Foreman Refactor #26741 (Closed): Add a dockerfile for foreman
Applied in changeset commit:89465aafd8d4c528ec3b6f2bc1ca9598385f06dd.
08:35 AM Foreman Revision 89465aaf: fixes #26741 - adds containers support for developers
this patch introduce a docker file and docker compose example
so that developers can easily get a production docker b...


11:40 AM Foreman Bug #26830: Redux-form 8 is incompatible with react-redux 5
Tomer Brisker wrote:
> npm based install has react-redux 5.1.1 while packaged version is 5.0.7. when running `npm in...
11:17 AM Foreman Bug #26830: Redux-form 8 is incompatible with react-redux 5


12:10 PM Packaging Revision ad7b21f6 (foreman-packaging): Add nodejs-spice-html5 package


02:05 PM Foreman Refactor #26654 (Closed): move spice npm package and related js code to webpack
Applied in changeset commit:764439a2b354e2c223942bc52a8f0673ca110fb5.
01:53 PM Foreman Revision 764439a2: fixes #26654 - migrate spice to npm and upgrade
* move from an old version of spice to a much newer one (over 5 years upgrade)
* move spice js to webpack
* add alert...

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