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Logical divisions of a subnet in Foreman, separate to physical and proxy layout

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In our computing cluster we use a full class B network for all the machines. Inside this class B we do a logical clasification. As example: to subnet >> nodes hardware A to subnet >> nodes hardware B to subnet >> storage nodes

I am deploying foreman and for us it would nice to be able to define all this "false subnets" inside foreman. This way if we now add "nodes hardware C" and define a hostgroup inside foreman for these machines, we could define that every node in this hostgroup is in "subnet-nodes-hardware-C" which would be something like to netmask

I tried to achieve this setup but I have seen that if for example I add to foreman the "false subnet" with "network address" and netmask associated to my hostgroup "nodes hardware X", when foreman tries to communicate with my dhcp it fails because foreman looks for subnet in the dhcp which doesn't exists because the only available network in the dhcpd is the class B

This is an example error in my proxy log when foreman tries to suggest a free ip: - - [16/Sep/2014 17:40:54] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 404 25 0.0094

And this is the error when I manually insert the ip in this range in the foreman webui:

E, [2014-09-16T17:41:15.907528 #6087] ERROR -- : No Subnet detected for: "" D, [2014-09-16T17:41:15.907994 #6087] DEBUG -- : /usr/share/foreman-proxy/modules/dhcp/dhcp/server.rb:110:in `addRecord'

Of course it's just a suggestion but adding this feature to foreman would be really nice :)

By now I will just define the B class in foreman.

thanks for your work and for this great software.


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