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Repo-Sync: Make execution date/time changeable

Added by Andreas Pfaffeneder over 4 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Katello 2/Foreman 1.6-Combo on Centos 6.5/x86_64, Firefox 33.0, Win8/64

Steps to reproduce:
1.) Add new sync plan.
2.) Want to edit execution time and not lose association of products<->sync-plan

Cant edit execution date/time

Can edit execution date/time


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Sounds like what you are requesting is a way to set a non-interval sync plan for sometime in the future and then update the planned sync time manually?

#3 Updated by Andreas Pfaffeneder over 4 years ago

I do this:

Create a new sync-plan with daily 10:00 interval for example.
Later want to move the sync from 10:00 to 22:00 because I made a mistake.

Currently one only can edit the properties: Name, Description and Interval but not the actual start time. But that'd should be possible.

#4 Updated by Jorick Astrego over 4 years ago

Just ran into the same issue today, there are lots of reasons to modify the sync plan later on. Sometimes it's to tune the load, other times to sync before a patching round.

Sometimes you just want to change the time/date because you didn't choose wisely ....

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This should be do-able in the current release. As well, the Katello 2.4 release will include the ability to execute a sync plan manually.

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