Feature #1459

Updated by Dominic Cleal over 10 years ago

Hello everyone, 


 I'm using iPXE to boot my servers right now and I didn't find other way to actually get the i/gPXE template with static IP from foreman without having to actually use a php script to load http://foreman/unattended/gPXE which adds the X-RHN-Provisioning-MAC-0 http header allowing the machine the access to my i/gPXE template. 
 This way my template sends the machine based on MAC the exact ip address configured in foreman that CentOS should kickstart from, as I'm not using DHCP for my local network. 


 It would worth supporting a GET request that would allow sending the mac address to /unattended/gPXE and a default response (i.e blank page) when the machine is already built in foreman instead of the http 40x errors, this way you could for eg. chainload iPXE everytime the machine boots without having to worry about it or use other pages to determine foreman's response.