Bug #27402

Updated by Ondřej Ezr about 2 years ago

I've just updated from 1.21.3 to 1.22.0 and found that users got permission denied messages after logging in, for example because of missing "view_hosts" permissions. After logging in as admin I recognized that the groups didn't have any members anymore. So I added the members again, saved the change, reloaded the group again to verify (members where still there), logged out from admin and logged in as normal user -> No view_hosts permission. Logged back in as admin and saw that the group had no members again.

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set up LDAP authentication with synchronization enabled
2. Create simple Satellite Usergroup with no external user group link
3. Add users from the LDAP auth source to the Usergroup
4. Log-in as any of the LDAP users aded to the Usergroup

Actual results:
LDAP users are no longer members of the Satellite Usergroup.

Expected results:
No change in the Usergroup memberships.