Feature #29038

Updated by Jeremy Lenz over 2 years ago


User stories:
* The notification should contain the link to render a report with more details, specifically about what systems (hosts) will be affected by that expiration
* The link needs to have report inputs in the URL query (see RM issue #29037 for details)

~~Possible Possible approach 1:~~ 1:
* The link should take the user to a page in Foreman (maybe report templates?) and notify via Toast that report generation is started
* Once the report task is complete, the user should be redirected to it as is currently the case for any other report

~~Possible Possible approach 2:~~ 2:
* The link should take the user directly to the Report Templates page for the Entitlements report, with inputs filled in
* The user can decide at this point whether to check the checkbox to get the report via email
* The user can then click Generate to generate the report as normal