Feature #4528

Updated by Greg Sutcliffe over 7 years ago

Facter 2 is at RC1, and while it has no structered facts by default, it will have in the future, and people will start writing their own probably even sooner.

I quickly looked into this using the foreman_chef plugin. I came up with this:

1. Add 'plainify' and 'get_key' plainify to node.rb from chef_foreman_handler, and change 'build_body' build_body to call:

{'facts' => plainify(puppet_facts['values'].merge({:_type => 'foreman_chef'})).flatten.inject(&:merge), 'name' => hostname, 'certname' => certname}

2. Add foreman_chef plugin to Foreman
3. Fix to not drop Integers
4. (optional) Handle changes of fact type. Currently if you upload "foo: bar" and then upload "foo: { "bar" => "quux" }" it won't display properly due to the old string-type fact in the db.

We'll probably want to move the hash-handling code out of foreman_chef and into core. I'd also consider investigating the way we compress and uncompress the facts hash with '::' vs just sending/parsing the whole hash directly.