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03:27 PM Stats Dashboard Feature #24897 (New): text analysis of Redmine
credit to dlobatog:
Gwmngilfen: to be more precise, I think running word2vec to tokenize the forum into word v...


11:14 AM Stats Dashboard Feature #24865 (New): Add data table to open bugs
Would be nice to get a breakdown of open bugs under the main graphs, perhaps a sortable table of bugs per category in...
10:34 AM Stats Dashboard Refactor #24864 (New): Move each tab to it's own Shiny sub-app
The current code is messy and mixes code between `server.R` and the sourced files. Should probably refactor this into...
10:33 AM Stats Dashboard Feature #24863 (New): Add some Discourse graphs
Discourse has an API and API keys, and even webhooks if needed. Should be possible to automate some graphs. Ideas:
10:31 AM Stats Dashboard Feature #24862 (New): Add some GitHub graphs
The GitHub GraphQL API is pretty cool. Should be possible to query it via a cronjob and cache the results daily or so...
10:28 AM Stats Dashboard Bug #24861 (New): Add URL parsing to preselect a graph/options
It would be great to be able to share urls that go to a specific tab or graph, eg
10:26 AM Stats Dashboard Bug #24860 (New): Link open/closed and net-open graphs
Zooming in on one graph does not zoom the other....


08:54 AM Foreman Bug #24365 (Need more information): Error after Upgrade from version 1.15 to 1.16
This looks like a template rendering error, or possibly an issue with an ERB parameter, looking at the stacktrace. Is...
08:49 AM Foreman Bug #24383: Puppet Classes action falls out of the table on smaller screens
Probably present in a lot of other places, too. Worth investigating.


12:23 PM Packaging Revision 5449f660 (foreman-packaging): update foreman_salt to 10.1.0

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