Bug #33697

Updated by Leos Stejskal 12 months ago

b'Cloned from \n\n*Description of problem:*\n\nTesting Global Registration on a default install of Satellite with SCA manifest:\n\nWhen using Global Registration form and selecting the Satellite URL as the proxy, port 9090 is added to the curl command.\nThis causes hosts to remain in the build state and for subscription status to be invalid.\n\nSetting "--foreman-proxy-template true" fixes this problem.\n\nBy default:\n--foreman-proxy-templates Enable templates feature (current: false)\n\nIf --foreman-proxy-registration also enabled --foreman-proxy-templates the user would less likely encounter this problem.\n\n~]# satellite-installer --help | grep foreman-proxy-registration\n --foreman-proxy-registration Enable Registration feature (current: true)\n\n\nIf you do not select Satellite URL as the proxy, port 9090 is not added and the problem does not occur.\n\n*Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):*\nSat6.10 snap 21\n\n*How reproducible:*\nEvery time. Tests in:\nBug 1999792 - Unknown subscription status on Satellite webui after successful host registration.\n\n*Steps to Reproduce:*\n1. Default install of Satellite\n2. Use Global Registration form and select the Satellite URL as Capsule\n3. Run the generated command on the Content Host\n\n*Actual results:*\nRegistered Content Host stays in build state.\nSubscription Status Unknown subscription status\n\n*Expected results:*\nHost not in build state\nSubscription Status \n\n*Additional info:*\n\nManaging Hosts guide\n\nChapter 3. Registering Hosts\n\n3.1. Registering a Host to Red Hat Satellite\n\n"Hosts can be registered to Satellite by generating a curl command on Satellite and running this command on hosts. This method uses two templates: global registration template and host initial configuration template."\n\nNo mention of "foreman-proxy-templates" there.\n\nLater it says:\n\n Optional: If the Registration feature is not enabled on your Capsule, enter the following command on the Capsule to enable it:\n\n# satellite-installer --foreman-proxy-registration \\\n--foreman-proxy-templates \\\n--foreman-proxy-template-url \'\'\n\nBut that leaves the problem of the internal proxy on 9090 not being covered by the docs.\n\nLater it says:\n\nOptional: From the Capsule list, select the Capsule to register hosts through. You must select the internal Capsule if you do not want to use an external Capsule.\n\n\nNo mention of "foreman-proxy-templates" there.\n\nDocs was updated because of'