Feature #2240

Updated by Marek Hulán about 7 years ago

Foreman multiple interface support is currently lacking compared to cobbler. It does not support bonded or subinterfaces in any way, and so far as I can tell there is no way to associate a device name with the interface name in foreman.

Cobbler on the other hand has fields that allow for entering the interface device name, fgqn, ip, netmask, bonding master, opts, mode, etc.

This makes it trivial to tack on this information in an enc script as parameters returned to puppet so you can automate configuration of anything from a single interfaces, to multiple bond interfaces each with multiple slaves (i.e., bond0 with eth0 and eth1 as slaves, and bond1 with eth2 and eth3 as slaves), to sub-interfaces (i.e, eth0:1) and so on.

The values can be printed out as the user prefers based on how they want to split it out so really it's just nice to have it all accessible , but today with cobbler it's easy to print out things like:


- bond0|static|||master||true

- eth1|none|||slave|bond0|true

- eth0|none|||slave|bond0|true

- bond0:1|static|||||true

split it out in a puppet module, and configure your interfaces.

Really all that is needed is to be able to input the additional information and have it available via https://<foreman_url>/hosts/<host>?format=json as what exists today is already available so it can be printed out however the user sees fit.

Interface ===== : eth0

Bonding Mode :

Bonding Master :

Bonding Opts :

DHCP Tag :

DNS Name :

IP Address :

MAC Address :

Static : False

Static Routes : []

Subnet :

Virt Bridge :