Feature #12634

Updated by Lukas Zapletal over 4 years ago

Host and hostgroups must be enhanced with two new flags: PXE template specifies PXE template kind and variant pair to use. Until today, this was hardcoded to PXELinux or PXEGrub by selected operating system. Optionally, template variant flag from OS could be simply dropped because PXE template implies variant to use and there are no variants which share the same configuration syntax (this is an open item).

Orchestration TFTP code must be modified to use multiple "KIND LOADER default local boot" and "KIND LOADER global default" templates. Local and global boot templates must be added for Grub2 new kind. Naming convention will be:

* PXELinux BIOS default local boot
* PXELinux UEFI default local boot
* PXEGrub BIOS default local boot
* PXEGrub UEFI default local boot
* etc. (the same for global default templates)

But only kind/variant is not enough, users need to select BIOS or UEFI booting method. This is where Loader flag comes in - selection of three constants: BIOS, UEFI and SecureBoot UEFI. The first two are obvious causing selection of the correct DHCP filename when deploying TFTP configuration, the third one select "shim.efi" chain loading capability for secure booting.

Similarly to root password, a global setting could be provided for one or both flags for missing values (open item).