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Romain Vrignaud, 11/17/2011 08:55 AM

Installing latest code

Latest stable version can be found under the files section

Latest source code

You can get the latest source code of Foreman from the git repository hosted at github.
This is the preferred way to get Foreman if you want to benefit from the latest improvements. By using the git repository you can also upgrade more easily.

to get latest "development" version do:

git clone git:// foreman
cd foreman
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • if you are behind a proxy or firewall and dont have access to github using the git protocol, use http protocol instead (e.g.)
    git clone foreman
    cd foreman
    sed -i 's/git:\/\//http:\/\//g' .gitmodules
    git submodule init
    git submodule update

Daily snapshot

You can also fetch the latest daily snapshot of the development version at: