What are they?

Adding the ability to install a new package onto the katello server and get a new content type (similar to pulp plugins).


  • Content plugins are just foreman plugins that require katello
  • Routes
    • Plugin defines them
    • Content registration defines them
  • Top level nav
    • add link
    • provide UI
  • Plugin would define
    • Content type class
    • association to repo
    • migrations
  • Restructuring Repository
    • Use STI for diff repo types
    • or use modules to insert code (less ideal, may get tricky with things like generating importers)
  • Registration api for plugins to register the content type
  • Plugin would define publish and promote acitons which accept as input view, version, & environment for which to publish or promtoe. These actions are registered via the plugin via api
  • for Repo rabl, extend show using defined content rabl via plugin api
  • UI Extension point for repo create & update/view
  • Repository Enablement?
    • Api For create repos (?)
  • CVV details page
    • Plugin defined tables for UI
  • Lifecycle ENV page
    • defails page
    • content tables
  • Repo apipie params
    • allow plugins to add params
  • Strategy
    • Create multiple engines inline, tackle all contnet types for each 'plugable area' at a time and write/move to each engine. i.e. add registration endpoint and regitration for all content types, then add cv publish for all content types
  • Plugin naming * katello-rpm

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