ACME Financial Services Company

A Large Consumer Financial Services With A Retail, Web, and Office Environment.

ACME Financial is a large financial services company. They have a large IT infrastructure that runs many mission-critical applications. They are rarely on the cutting edge of new technologies but they are aware of them. They value solid, industry standard technology backed up by vendor support.

They have a large host infrastructure divided into separate departments managed by different groups of system administrators. Their Katello/Foreman environment is currently a mission-critical application utilized daily as part of their Linux based management across the company. This includes distribution of critical security patches to the entire infrastructure.

System Types

Linux Systems Infrastructure

Next 5 Years

Systems Management Environment


Name Job Title Daily Katello/Foreman Usage Years of Experience Primary Role Role Description
Samuel System Engineer 6 Hours 7 Years System Architect My role is the server build architect. I work on developing build procedures and automation. I decide what packages, errata ( security, enhancement) are deployed. I also am responsible for system resources, including bare metal, virtual, and cloud. I also handle all entitlement management of the Linux systems. I manage all OS based decisions and application usage across the entire institution.
Daniel System Administrator 2 Hours 4 Years Administrator In my role I add/remove systems from Katello/Foreman, run remote commands, schedule updates, provision new systems, etc. I run he maintenance window. We are responsible for the new hardware and VMs running in our organization. We are the centralized support of host deployment.


System Management

Team Tasks Uses Application GUI CLI API/Automation Moblie
Linux System Architects

Source for approved builds and updates to software pushed out company wide. Yes 75% 10% 15%
(will do more in the future)
No (will do more in the future)
System Administrators

Responsible for deploying and maintaining approved builds pushed by the SA’s. Only for their department. Yes 85% 5% 10% No


Team Tasks Uses Application GUI CLI API/Automation Moblie
Networking Team

Builds, monitors, and manages network infrastructure. Yes 75% 25% 0% No
Procurement Team

Purchases and renews software licensing company wide. No -- -- -- --
Security Team

Approves all software builds or updates company wide. Yes 65% 35% 0% No

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