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h1. BMC

h2. HP iLO 3 and higher support

To use foreman BMC support with ilo 3 and higher, the following iLO settings are required
* an ilo user with administrator rights. Just giving the user "Virtual Power and Reset" rights does not seem to be enough
* enable IPMI
- Administration -> Access Settings -> Enable IPMI/DCMI over LAN on Port 623

after this you can verify access by running ipmitool:
ipmitool power status -H <iLO ip-address> -U <user> -I lanplus
Chassis Power is on

h2. Dell DRAC

To configure ipmi from commandline :

# ipmitool lan set 1 ipaddr your_ip
# ipmitool lan set 1 netmask your_netmask
# ipmitool lan set 1 defgw ipaddr your_default_gw
# ipmitool lan set 1 access on