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  • Foreman

    The Foreman is aimed to be a single address for all machines life cycle management.

    • Installer

      This is a set of puppet modules which manages foreman and its proxies

    • Packaging

      Covers all topic related to RPM and Debian packaging for foreman projects

    • SELinux

      Foreman's targeted SELinux policy

    • Smart Proxy

      RESTful proxies for DNS, DHCP, TFTP and Puppet

  • Foreman Maintain

    foreman_maintain aims to provide various features that help to keep the Foreman/Satellite up and running. It supports multiple versions and subparts of the Foreman infrastructure, including server or smart proxy and is smart enough to provide the right tools for the specific version....

  • Hammer CLI

    Hammer command line interface to Foreman and Katello

  • Kafo

    The kafo project used in the Foreman installer

  • Plugins

    Plugins for Foreman. If you'd like to host your plugin as part of the Foreman organization, let us know.

  • Website

    Issues/Features/Requests for the Foreman website (

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