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09:02 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #23394 (Closed): Unable to set effective user for job templates via hammer cli
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_plugin|019407c181867ea90c84067ba8594c99d2478927.
08:57 AM Foreman Remote Execution Revision 019407c1 (foreman_plugin): Fixes #23394 - Unable to set effective user for job templates
There was a problem with the API structure, it didn't work since day
The `ssh` sub entry was not recognized by `...


10:20 AM Foreman Bug #24196 (New): Subnets will not allow domains to be added beyond a specific limit in the WebUI
Description of problem:
There appears to be a limit to the number of subnets that can be added to a domain in the we...
10:08 AM Foreman Bug #22143: WebUI doesn't allow to delete a host provisioned via bootdisk from satellite, when sa...
Following new testing, I see that now there is a different error, but the same result.
At the moment, the Ovirt r...


07:52 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #23394: Unable to set effective user for job templates via hammer cli
The bug itself is on the API, working on fixing it at the moment.


08:01 AM Discovery Bug #23554 (Closed): There are times where foreman provides in "deliver" email an instance, and o...
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|1428846de6030cb2a0b0ce4a85a64950b17778af.
07:59 AM Discovery Revision 1428846d (foreman_discovery): Fixes #23554 - Handle both cases of options[:user] as arri...


07:17 AM Foreman Revision 47de1a56 (community-templates): Refs #21717 - Added support for enable and disable


01:56 PM Installer Bug #23871 (Ready For Testing): dns checker returns empty string for fqdn resolting in wrong erro...
I had an issue with a machine that the FQDN was not resolved by Ruby (but other programs did).
But instead of empty ...


10:54 AM Foreman Feature #21717: Extend "Service Action - SSH Default" job template to be able to enable and disab...
changed project, due to comments on the PR by theforeman-bot.
The change was made to the community templates and not...

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