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12:18 PM Website Revision 26b16bcc (theforemanorg): Patch architecture statements for 3.1 & 3.0
Melanie Corr
12:18 PM Website Revision a0e5a57a (theforemanorg): Update Ubuntu and El7 support statements for 3.1
Melanie Corr
09:49 AM Website Revision 503f3b1f (theforemanorg): Standardize capitalization of Foreman & Smart Proxy
Melanie Corr
09:49 AM Website Revision 92565703 (theforemanorg): Fix typo in Debian
* Rewrite EL7 host support statement
* Use stronger verbs to describe EL8 changes
Melanie Corr


09:22 AM Website Revision 7ee17144 (theforemanorg): s/became/become
As reported on HackerNews:
Melanie Corr


03:26 PM Foreman Bug #33334 (New): Create a safe way for users to interact with permissions tables
At the moment, we are advising Foreman (and Satellite users) to use foreman rake console.
In a recent doc review ...
Melanie Corr


01:39 PM Website Revision d00d5914 (theforemanorg): Fix image issue and headers
* Fix PR conflicts
* Add image
* Add headers
* Format blog
Melanie Corr


03:57 PM Foreman Tracker #33169 (New): Make the official Foreman and Katello documentation space
In the lead up to the release of Foreman 3.0, I want to make preparations so that becomes the mai... Melanie Corr


11:26 AM Website Revision 7bdc497e (theforemanorg): fix broken markdown on privacy pg
Melanie Corr


10:06 AM Website Revision bccefb15 (theforemanorg): Add to prof services & blog
Melanie Corr

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