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07:01 PM Katello Bug #29007 (Closed): [pulp3] file uploads via hammer fail
Applied in changeset commit:katello|53f50325a502997ced2239f2ecf11d1d31d45121.
06:41 PM Katello Revision 53f50325 (katello): Fixes #29007 - fixes uploads api regression (#8566)


07:11 PM Katello Bug #29007: [pulp3] file uploads via hammer fail
Looking into the dynflow console:
- "/home/vagrant/projects/katello/app/lib/actions/pulp3/orchestration/re...
07:08 PM Katello Bug #29007 (Closed): [pulp3] file uploads via hammer fail
Attempting a file upload via hammer for a pulpcore enabled server fails, whereas uploading via the UI worked.
04:01 PM Katello Bug #28951 (Closed): Support syncing a pulp3 capsule with yum content content
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6c1d5d72e7ed6e8305d5dfafd64822fcd6b57d5d.
03:58 PM Katello Revision 6c1d5d72 (katello): Fixes #28951 - implement partial repo path for yum (#8560)
02:07 PM Katello Bug #28946: Note for "GUI http proxy setting" At which levels does this setting take affect
Richard Stempfl wrote:
> It is not clear to everyone how far this attitude goes.
I am not sure I understand ...


06:07 PM Katello Revision ead2d60c (katello): Bump master version to 3.16 (#8558)
01:23 PM Katello Feature #28842 (Closed): [sat-e-390] Provide informative message on Content -> Subscriptions page when in Simple Content Access


08:00 PM Katello Bug #27638 (Closed): Katello-package-upload -f does not force upload of combined profile on RHEL 7.7

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