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01:12 PM Foreman Bug #27280: Unable to join a machine with bonded primary interface
This defect appears to have been fixed in Foreman 1.24 and is a duplicate of


11:01 AM Katello Bug #26914 (Closed): Content Hosts OS no populated with centos 7
Applied in changeset commit:katello|4b46ebd3dbccc661a3900dca68b82330a6802b83.
10:39 AM Katello Revision 4b46ebd3 (katello): Fixes #26914 - ingore os fact if applicable (#8278)
* Fixes #26914 - Ingore os facts if applicable, such as from CentOS where the minor version is not reported.


06:58 PM Katello Revision 331c213d (katello): Bump version to 3.14.0


07:01 PM Katello Bug #27518 (Closed): Pulp2 Sync operations fail with http proxy
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a0207cd99f12813e0b10e07d637a8e834fcb6def.
06:08 PM Katello Revision a0207cd9 (katello): Fixes #27518 - proxy options for sync (#8251)
* Fixes #27518 - Formats uri host for pulp sync proxy options
02:12 PM Katello Bug #27518 (Closed): Pulp2 Sync operations fail with http proxy
The proxy options provided to pulp don't include the scheme. Pulp2 will reject the sync task when attempting to recon...


02:01 PM Katello Feature #27199 (Closed): [pulp3-proxy] CRUD for repositories for proxy
Applied in changeset commit:katello|579d6b4e767b1b87d57737bfe934a77b9170ef32.
01:25 PM Katello Revision 579d6b4e (katello): Fixes #27199 - adds http proxy and policy fields (#8192)
This PR adds http proxy policy and http proxy fields so that a user can associate a proxy policy (none, use the globa...


01:55 PM Katello Bug #27449 (New): Styling for new repository type options are not consistent with other form elements
For example, when selecting OSTree as repository type the drop down for download policy is not the same style as othe...

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