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04:37 PM Installer Bug #31415 (Ready For Testing): Unable to set ping_free_ip in Foreman Proxy's dhcp.yml
Foreman Proxy 1.24 introduced the ping_free_ip option to dhcp.yml (#27692). This allows users to disable ICMP & TCP p...
11:01 AM Packaging Refactor #31393 (Closed): Drop sysvinit scripts
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-packaging|a1ef3611e30132c2776745bcc85992a43cb0e903.
10:10 AM Packaging Revision a1ef3611 (foreman-packaging): Fixes #31393 - Drop foreman-proxy sysvinit scripts


07:59 PM Ansible Revision a6de6e63 (foreman_ansible): Update Github Actions to use bundler-cache
This does the right thing when it comes to caching and reduces the code


11:27 AM Packaging Bug #31329 (Duplicate): rubygem-rkerberos incompatible with RHEL 8.3
11:26 AM Packaging Bug #30757 (Closed): Trouble with candlepin packages
EL8 is not supported yet, especially with 3.16. They were published for testing but have since been removed to set th...


01:30 PM Packaging Refactor #31393 (Closed): Drop sysvinit scripts
Both Foreman and Foreman Proxy still ship sysvinit script but they're probably no longer working. Certainly not teste...
12:38 PM Installer Revision 18726f94 (puppet-foreman): Use apache::mod::auth_openidc
Now that there is a release available with this class our code can be


08:48 PM Installer Revision 9cfe5c9b (puppet-pulpcore): Set logoutput to on_failure for pulpcore::admin
We've seen some reports about pulpcore-manager failures but on the next
run it passes. Since there is no log output, ...
04:58 PM Installer Feature #31387 (Ready For Testing): Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 by default in Apache
Clients needing these old versions are going EOL. The ecosystem is ready for TLS 1.2+ by default. This makes it easie...

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