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06:21 AM Packaging Revision 1775c84f (foreman-packaging): Remove unused smart_proxy_dynflow_bundlerd_dir macro
smart_proxy_dynflow_core is no more. Everything now runs in the
smart-proxy process itself.
There are still 3 cases ...


11:17 AM Website Revision 363a41ba (theforemanorg): Update supported Puppet versions
11:17 AM Website Revision e62eb788 (theforemanorg): Use modularity on EL8
A foreman module is now used on EL8 which enables the correct modules,
including Ruby. For this the order needs to be...


10:13 AM SELinux Bug #34807 (Ready For Testing): Access to /etc/resolv.conf is denied when using systemd-resolved
When using systemd-resolved (on EL7):...


08:01 AM SELinux Refactor #34730 (Closed): Drop foreman_docker compatibility
Applied in changeset commit:59536195164227307a6ac113fc5efdf74009629d.
07:01 AM SELinux Revision 25776998: Refs #34730 - Remove leftover type definitions
Fixes: 9657632e844ceca399c06fe0339a80dcba29a4fd
Fixes: 3087a3f799d112211c9eae35b2fe92a3e718621f
07:01 AM SELinux Revision 59536195: Fixes #34730 - Drop docker/container integration
This used to be needed for foreman_docker but that has been dropped a
while back. This means it can be removed from t...


09:28 AM Packaging Bug #34767: unable to sync repository
I wonder if this is a caching issue. Our CDN does cache data from the actual webserver and latest is a symlink we do ...


06:24 PM Packaging Revision c8cf568a (foreman-packaging): Remove unused ruby dependencies on sp_dns_powerdns
These were dropped in the 1.0.0 release (in favor of only supporting the
REST API) but that wasn't reflected in the p...


08:51 AM SELinux Revision 10a124d3: Replace CentOS Linux 8 in CI with CentOS Stream 8

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