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09:32 AM Website Revision f68abded (theforemanorg): Add historic Foreman demos & prepare demos for 2022 (#1914)
* Move /demos-2021.html to /demos/2021.html
This includes a redirect. It prepares for 2022.
* Add historic demos


06:50 PM Katello Revision 75664538 (katello-certs-tools): Remove trivial unused test functions
06:50 PM Katello Revision 517040c0 (katello-certs-tools): Rewrite RPM version comparison code
11:46 AM Foreman Bug #33948 (New): New host detail page shows IP address over multiple lines
This is with foreman-3.1.0-0.1.develop.20211107180537gitbca1b57.el8
I usually split my browser to half my desktop ...


08:01 PM Katello Feature #33899 (Closed): Support smart_proxy_pulp's exposed rhsm_url setting
Applied in changeset commit:katello|94770d212ca36db418dc6265bc250df26a63eb49.
07:03 PM Katello Revision 94770d21 (katello): Fixes #33899 - Use Smart Proxy exposed rhsm_url setting (#9777)
Foreman Installer 3.1+ sets the rhsm_url setting in smart_proxy_pulp.
This should be used if available. Compatibility...
02:00 PM Website Revision fa8bf21b (theforemanorg): List Smart Proxy as Ruby 2.7 compatible
02:00 PM Website Revision 19d2eb0d (theforemanorg): Correct Debian package installation from packages
This lists the correct versions for 3.0, 3.1 and nightly.
It also removes the instructions for both nightly and stab...


02:48 PM Website Revision 873c4754 (theforemanorg): Use more markdown
This replaces various HTML tags and uses native markdown syntax. This
also brings in more syntax highlighting.
In 3....
02:01 PM Foreman Refactor #27906 (Closed): Use modern Facter 3 facts
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|cc4a95ffbe24ddc1bc16dd3f13ceef2a742331f9.

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