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01:12 PM Packaging Revision e0c2d034 (foreman-packaging): Update katello dependencies
01:12 PM Packaging Revision 5b0101ae (foreman-packaging): Clean up rubygem-katello directory
08:29 AM Packaging Revision 5079aa72 (foreman-packaging): Update foreman dependencies
08:29 AM Packaging Revision 0b558df4 (foreman-packaging): Complete the foreman changelog


01:23 PM Packaging Revision f40c0c2d (foreman-packaging): Fix updates repoclosure & remove f25
01:20 PM Foreman Revision bdbbecb9: Refs #23825 - Improve the rake task for tarballs
This introduces the name variable so that's the single line where it
differs from the smart-proxy task.
It also adds...
11:38 AM Foreman Bug #23924: Lab Features -> Red Hat Subscriptions generates console error
Could you post the exact RPM versions that you saw this with? Given nightlies are changing all the time this makes it...
10:16 AM Smart Proxy Feature #24016 (Closed): Allow building the source tarball without the bundle installed
We have a Rakefile.dist that can be run without the whole bundle installed. It'd be great if we could use this to gen...


01:01 PM Foreman Bug #23825 (Closed): Allow build tarball without requiring Rails environment
Applied in changeset commit:3a31019aa4fbf2a407caeadcfb32e8ee45715486.
12:15 PM Foreman Revision 3a31019a: Fixes #23825 - Add exporting to Rakefile.dist
The benefit is that you no longer need the full bundle stack installed.
We also output the generated filename for use...

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