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04:00 PM KubeVirt Revision 9bd16f3f (hammer-cli-foreman-kubevirt): Make gettext a development dependency
It is needed to extract locales, but at runtime hammer-cli already
provides _() via fast_gettext.
03:16 PM AzureRM Revision 591aba64 (hammer_cli_foreman_azure_rm): Make gettext a development dependency (#18)
This is needed for the rake task to collect messages, but Hammer itself
already provides the translation method.
12:21 PM Foreman Bug #33504: The new host detail page hostname should never be split to two lines
Context: I use Firefox on Fedora 34. The width is half of a 1440p screen.


03:33 PM Website Revision b014e655 (theforemanorg): Add Foreman 3.0 upgrade instructions
Previously it was assumed the installer was used, but that's marked as
an optional step. It also makes the GPG key up...
02:48 PM Foreman Bug #33491 (New): Experimental host page kebab menu buttons do nothing
The "plugin action 1" and "plugin action 2" items look like placeholders that should be removed.
Delete, Clone and...
02:43 PM Foreman Bug #33490 (New): Edit button in experimental host page doesn't work
In the console...


12:04 PM Website Revision d62f4a56 (theforemanorg): EL7 & Ubuntu 18.04 deprecations for 3.0 & nightly
This follows the [RFC].
10:02 AM Foreman Bug #33396: Compute Resource cannot list the VMs if any VMs in the datacenter has config.instanceUuid set to ''
Setting 3.0.1 now but can also be picked to 2.5.


03:55 PM Foreman Feature #32612 (Need more information): Add some extra metadata to the default kickstart


05:46 PM Foreman Bug #33422 (New): Create host shows a Puppet ENC tab
On foreman-3.1.0-0.1.develop.20210905144930git35f27ad.el8.noarch without foreman_puppet installed the Create Host tab...

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