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01:09 PM Installer Revision 5a4f0d98: Refs #26282 - Add config migrations
Intended to be part of af902fb3ea7149e0b81d22d3d7054e8aecab4032


09:01 PM Installer Bug #26388 (Closed): Clearly document the proxy -managed parameters
Applied in changeset commit:puppet-foreman_proxy|47de8aea0b7e47435074950524e4dc2ff6a1fdcd.
08:35 PM Installer Revision 47de8aea (puppet-foreman_proxy): Fixes #26388 - Clarify the managed parameter docs
04:02 PM Packaging Bug #26401 (Closed): Remove Foreman GPG key from foreman-release-client
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-packaging|e6f243525cff7c7131e2b1458a8f25c46fcfb7ca.
02:47 PM Packaging Revision e6f24352 (foreman-packaging): Fixes #26401 - Remove GPG key from f-release-client
This file belongs to foreman-release and can create conflicts on
12:30 AM Packaging Bug #26401 (Closed): Remove Foreman GPG key from foreman-release-client
This file doesn't belong there since the packages are not signed. It also creates a conflict when upgrading because t...


10:01 PM Katello Feature #26385 (Closed): Set license metadata
Applied in changeset commit:katello|bb6a59c32ef614ae1ae95a12c523c5ba852ec052.
09:03 PM Katello Revision bb6a59c3 (katello): Fixes #26385 - Expand the gemspec
This removes two warnings on gem build. It applies a similar fix to
03:48 PM Packaging Revision 91add7c3 (foreman-packaging): Add a script to add hosts to package_manifest.yaml
02:48 PM Packaging Refactor #24605: foreman-rake console produces warning messages
Those were different issues. This was in particular about the warnings we introduced in packaging. #26194 is the gene...

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