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07:06 PM Installer Support #27058: puppetlabs-release-pc1-1.1.0-5.el7.noarch used for Katello 3.11.1 breaks katello upgrade to 3.12 is typically more suited for support. There are various threads about upgr...
05:35 PM Packaging Bug #27482 (Closed): RPM Dependency Conflict


12:19 PM Packaging Revision 028f3205 (foreman-packaging): Regenerate rubygem-foreman_virt_who_configure spec
12:02 PM Packaging Revision 630943fb (foreman-packaging): Regenerate rubygem-foreman_scc_manager spec file


01:13 PM Installer Revision c79b5b0c (installer): Add a script to show module versions
This is a helper script to easily read the module versions from a
lockfile. This makes it much easier what is bundled...
09:08 AM Packaging Revision 5b0eb66c (foreman-packaging): Refs #27874 - Quote the variable in tfm wrappers
09:02 AM Foreman Bug #27867 (Closed): Untranslated strings in Managed flag's help text in the host form
Applied in changeset commit:186554bc69548e837a4cd14d982109587e30bd4a.
08:40 AM Foreman Revision 186554bc: Fixes #27867 - Fix the translation of Managed's help text
The %{subnet} and %{domain} tags were not being replaced with their
actual contents.
01:01 AM Installer Bug #27845 (Closed): Katello Installer fails if proxy password has special character at starting.
Applied in changeset commit:puppet-katello|1b88391eb0b8c76f66104dc67bd0bad7d3292bcc.
12:20 AM Installer Revision 1b88391e (puppet-katello): Fixes #27845 - quote values in katello.yaml
Some values may contain special characters that have a meaning in YAML.
By quoting this is avoided.

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