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02:13 PM Smart Proxy Bug #24325 (Feedback): Some modules are not imported
For puppetlabs-accounts it's expected since the module has no classes, just defines. Do you see this with other modul...


03:55 PM Smart Proxy Bug #23543 (Resolved): Package[foreman-proxy] foreman 1.16 and 1.17 install failure due to rubygem-rkerberos depends not found
By now 7.5 has been out for a while and the issue should be solved.
03:54 PM Smart Proxy Bug #23931: ERROR -- : Couldn't enable 'dhcp_isc': invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII
Is this still an issue?
12:40 PM Foreman Wiki edit: How_to_Create_a_Plugin (#128)
10:20 AM Foreman Bug #21383 (Duplicate): Rhv provisioning from image/template doesn't apply proper CPU count


03:46 PM Installer Bug #24289 (Rejected): OpenJDK shows warning on puppetserver after installation
It can be disabled by passing in --puppet-server-jvm-extra-args ''
We already do this automatically when Puppet 5 ...
12:33 PM Packaging Refactor #24287 (Ready For Testing): Move Rails SCL repository to Foreman infrastructure
Previously we used a COPR to host our Rails SCL. We're now moving it to the Foreman infrastucture.
The benefit is ...
11:42 AM Packaging Revision a62d777c (foreman-packaging): Update foreman-release-scl
This bumps the version because 1.19 now has 5-2 and we want nightly to
be newer than 1.19. We also add the GPG key so...


09:01 PM Foreman Refactor #24211 (Closed): Update patternfly-sass gem dependency
Applied in changeset commit:e9e791c2329e8bb183c1ff0190150e53a24beb47.
08:16 PM Foreman Revision e9e791c2: Fixes #24211 - Allow a newer version of patternfly-sass

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