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01:47 PM SELinux Bug #32022 (Ready For Testing): /sbin/restorecon: SELinux: Could not get canonical path for x restorecon: No such file or directory.
When I install foreman-selinux on CentOS 8 I see:...
01:12 PM Packaging Revision 1c350d6f (foreman-packaging): Drop Pulp 2 & qpid repositories from katello-repos
Now that Pulp 2 is removed, there's no reason to ship these anymore.
qpid's copr repository is also no longer needed...
01:12 PM Packaging Revision b9e62283 (foreman-packaging): Bump Katello to 4.1
9198ac1c490ecf5a7b53cc21791dddf8e65cc6f0 bumped rubygem-katello to 4.1
but forgot the other packages.


09:18 AM Kafo Bug #32012 (New): Exceptions in hooks "hang" and crash after a long time
When an exception happens in a hook, it appears to hang and after a long time it crashes. I recall that it was with a...


01:19 PM Packaging Bug #32003: can't deploy katello/candlepin - enable_only is missing
Which Puppet version are you using? enable_only was added in Puppet 5.5.20 and 6.15.0.


08:09 PM Katello Revision 9ba94b13 (smart_proxy_pulp): Drop Pulp 2 plugin
* Collect context in integration test
When the plugin is not running, it is useful to have the log buffer for
the fa...
12:13 AM Katello Refactor #31796 (Duplicate): Container Gateway should handle using default proxy certs differently
Looks like I didn't see this and opened #31982 instead for which the fix was merged.
12:11 AM Katello Feature #31797: The Container Gateway should validate user settings
Most of this was resolved in #31982 but the sqlite_db_path setting can't be checked with the current code. validate_r...


07:01 PM Katello Bug #31982 (Closed): Smart Proxy Container Gateway calls Proxy::Settings.initialize_global_settings
Applied in changeset commit:smart_proxy_container_gateway|a5442d6d5e8cc40944f2e070ba3d45cfc817dfdf.
06:53 PM Katello Revision a5442d6d (smart_proxy_container_gateway): Fixes #31982 - Correct settings handling
This avoids the initialize_global_settings call which is wrong. That can
have unexpected consequences. Instead, it us...

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