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07:15 PM Installer Refactor #2755: Try refactoring all modules to add a profile-layer abstraction
I completely agree. For anyone with a semi-mature or Puppet environment that's been around for a while it is impossib...


09:33 AM Foreman Bug #2065: Puppetrun doesn't work in Puppet version > 3.x
I believe puppet kick is deprecated as of 3.0 as well. Per Eric Sorenson at PuppetLabs the preferred method going fo...


03:19 PM Foreman Bug #2051 (Closed): Good Hosts Reports on Dashboard shows wrong percentage
In Foreman 1.1 RC1 the Good Hosts Reports on the dashboard shows the incorrect percentage. For example, our dashboar...
08:38 AM Foreman Feature #2049 (Closed): Allow removal of host when not found in VCenter
It seems I cannot delete a host from Foreman when it's been provisioned on VMware and no longer exists in the VMware ...


01:38 PM Foreman Feature #1946: Addition VMWare options required for VM creation
I think this request covers this but just want to note it to make sure it's considered.
If we are only supposed to a...


03:03 PM Foreman Bug #1796: BLOB/TEXT column 'title' used in key specification without a key length
I just ran across this issue in RC1 installed from RPM. Here is the trace from bundle exec /usr/bin/rake db:migrate ...


07:37 PM Foreman Bug #1979: Updating puppet:import:puppet_classes for parameterized classes
I tested this patch and can verify the fix works. I really want to make sure this ends up in 1.1. David, do you hav...


02:47 PM Smart Proxy Bug #1655: Failed to list puppet environments: Attempting to initialize global default settings more than once!
This issue seems to be resolved by I applied the changes from the commit at https...

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