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09:01 AM Foreman Bug #23440 (Closed): API - Removing puppetclasses can't use friendly
Applied in changeset commit:0b19e8841163bafd7e4748eb98cf69d94b418a2c. Iain Walmsley
08:27 AM Foreman Revision 0b19e884 (foreman): fixes #23440 - removing pclasses with API can't use friendly
Iain Walmsley


03:01 PM Foreman Feature #22090 (Closed): API Support for easier use of Smart-Class Param Overrides
Applied in changeset commit:6e3859548fba65a049f6b8933f7ddae67994b4ee. Iain Walmsley
02:10 PM Foreman Revision 6e385954 (foreman): fixes #22090 - friendlyid for lookupvalue plus override api
Iain Walmsley


11:40 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #23055: Dynflow SSL Issue when using custom SSL Certificate
Will depend on your setup and like you say the apache settings you have. For a typical setep you'll need the root/cha... Iain Walmsley


03:38 PM Foreman Bug #23440: API - Removing puppetclasses can't use friendly
Changed release - affects nightly Iain Walmsley


12:08 PM Plugins Bug #20457: foreman_memcache is not compatible with 1.16
Believe this has now been addressed & merged;
Iain Walmsley
11:11 AM Foreman Bug #23440 (Closed): API - Removing puppetclasses can't use friendly
With #22747 there's now validation on addition of Puppeclasses with the API which also allows use of friendly which i... Iain Walmsley


08:59 PM Foreman Feature #21989: API Support for Addition/Removal of Config Groups
This looks like another controller/set of routes can be added analogous to host_class_controller. Iain Walmsley
01:01 PM Foreman Bug #22747 (Closed): Validation on Puppet Class ID When using API
Applied in changeset commit:a8c113c0d3675144caf51a2c34029c2a276f3907. Iain Walmsley

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