Jonathon Turel





11:03 PM Katello Bug #25212 (Closed): computed_ostree_upstream_sync_depth missing from repository API
Viewing the API output for an ostree repo ex: https://{{HOSTNAME}}/katello/api/v2/repositories/22/?organization_id=1
09:01 PM Katello Bug #25196 (Closed): Some default sorts with scoped_search are broken
Applied in changeset commit:katello|ae2d01b470ad101e25516b919fd53f35626b3421.
08:55 PM Katello Bug #25210 (Closed): Manifest refresh broken when ostree content enabled
Uploading or refreshing a manifest that provides ostree content is broken:...
08:24 PM Katello Bug #25173 (Closed): enabled_repos_upload plugin is slow
08:18 PM Foreman Wiki edit: How_to_Create_a_Plugin (#131)
07:08 PM Katello Revision ae2d01b4 (katello): Fixes #25196 - Correct default sort for some APIs
03:02 PM Katello Feature #24916 (Closed): Display content host system purpose compliance status
Applied in changeset commit:katello|3323905d7c9d5a4671a01c7d4ca882f5d74cad89.
02:37 PM Katello Revision 3323905d (katello): Fixes #24916 - System purpose status for content host UI


09:54 PM Katello Bug #25196 (Closed): Some default sorts with scoped_search are broken
There are some API calls which return errors despite 200 response code (which is valid) in our tests:...
07:10 PM Katello Bug #16764: Content view version repositories are returned across environments
Untriaging since PR has gone stale and we can re-prioritize

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