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02:39 AM Katello Bug #25875 (Ready For Testing): Repo filtering is inconsistent
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
When testing repos u...


11:39 PM Katello Bug #25232: CV History: Incorrect API call due to parsing error (page=NaN)
Hey Mirek, I think there was a corresponding Foreman bug which has been addressed and fixed this issue. Take another ...
05:48 PM Katello Feature #20794 (Closed): Re-enable testing of katello-devel
we are testing this now via "bread"
03:57 PM Packaging Revision b54ab070 (foreman-packaging): Release katello-host-tools 3.4.2-1 (#3352)
03:39 PM Katello Revision 01f79146 (katello-host-tools): Release 3.4.2


04:36 PM Katello Bug #25832 (Closed): custom system purpose values not shown in content host details dropdowns
When custom values (not coming from a manifest) are set for system purpose attributes Role, Usage or Addons they are ...


07:17 PM Katello Bug #22746: Squid module marked as incompatible with Puppet 5
Ewoud - is this still a thing?
07:15 PM Katello Bug #24092 (Closed): Package profile uploads fails with warning " ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "katello_host_installed_packages_h_id_ip_id""
seems to no longer be an issue, closing!
06:56 PM Katello Bug #25374: intermittent VCR test failure with debian test
re-add the removed test & figure out what happened


07:01 PM Katello Bug #25725 (Closed): disable host-tools plugins where subman supports combined profile
Applied in changeset commit:katello-host-tools|1614be4c645f927cc689aa54785f52181ab0ed95.

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