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07:42 PM Smart Proxy Bug #895 (Rejected): isc dhcpd reservation does not create correct pxe boot file pointer
Expected behavior for the entry:
supersede server.filename = "pxelinux.cfg/01-bc-30-5b-d9-18-17";
Actual behavi...


03:33 PM Foreman Bug #887 (Closed): templates with -%> crashes foreman
Like the subject says :)
Happens during host creation


06:52 PM Smart Proxy Bug #880 (Closed): wrong argument type
Submiting a new host
Error shows Failed to set the DHCP record: wrong argument type false (expected Regexp)
Log sho...
03:42 PM Smart Proxy Bug #879 (Closed): Cryptic error message
if nsupdate is not installed, smart proxy fails with a "Failed to create the DNS record: Broken pipe" error. Expected...

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