Oleh Fedorenko





12:38 PM Hammer CLI Feature #28836 (New): Allow multiple disassociating of provisioning templates
After it is possible to add many templates at once, but there is no poss...
12:03 PM Foreman Feature #28835 (New): API docs should mention allowed trend types
When creating a trend via API, there is no mention which trendable_type is allowed.
I think we could improve UX by...


10:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #28765 (Closed): Fix help for filter create command
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|37f9ed3d15844c87c08a468a41eebd29b00fd10a.


04:25 PM Hammer CLI Bug #28793 (Ready For Testing): Wrong missing option names
If there are missing arguments for some options (e.g. --id or --a-option), then the exception is raised with followin...
12:33 PM Hammer CLI Revision 37f9ed3d (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #28765 - Fix help for filter create command


05:10 PM Packaging Revision bb758769 (foreman-packaging): Updated hammer_cli_foreman to 0.19.7
05:10 PM Packaging Revision c46568b5 (foreman-packaging): Updated hammer_cli to 0.19.2
01:01 PM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #28290 (Closed): "hammer template-input" doesn't support "update"
Applied in changeset commit:hammer_cli_foreman_remote_execution|72677eaafd35f59f4f6422903c500e30c96e8e2c.
12:01 PM Templates Bug #28750 (Closed): Template controller name must be plural
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_templates|c1c4756a71fb44e274a7b113dfbc57f77a9549e4.
11:03 AM Templates Revision c1c4756a (foreman_templates): Fixes #28750 - Template controller name must be plural

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