Bug #18242

Update Katello-backup to omit the /var/lib/pulp/katello-export directory

Added by Rich Jerrido 9 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

Assigned To:John Mitsch
Target version:Team Brad - Iteration 12
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ReleaseKatello 3.4.0Release relationshipAuto


As part of running katello-backup the /var/lib/pulp/katello-export directory is backed up. This directory is used for inter-server-sync exports and it defined in the pulp_export_destination parameter, and is not required to successfully restore the system.

As the user can always re-export those directories, they don't need to be backed up.

Associated revisions

Revision c6444fe0
Added by John Mitsch 7 months ago

Fixes #18242 - Omit katello-export directory in katello-backup

This directory doesn't need to be included in the backup, we
can save space by not syncing it.


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