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allow to enter multiple tags for check filtering

Added by Kavita Gaikwad 9 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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foreman-maintain health check --help command gives two options:

--label label Limit only for a specific label. (Use "list" command to see available labels)
--tags tags Limit only for specific set of labels. (Use list-tags command to see available

Lets say, tags = [default, pre-upgrade, post-upgrade]
I have tried below commands to apply default & pre-upgrade tags for filtering checks which is not working.

foreman-maintain health list --tags default --tags pre-upgrade -> it is overriding default tag value with pre-upgrade.
foreman-maintain health list --tags default,pre-upgrade -> no any output
foreman-maintain health list --tags default, pre-upgrade -> ERROR too many arguments.

Is there any way to apply multiple tags to filter checks


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