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Katello 3.5.1 - Errors and abnormal behaviour with Subscription Assignment

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we are running Katello 3.5.1 along with Red Hat Subscriptions.
Also we have a VMware vCenter Cluster with 8 ESX Servers, that are served by virt-who and Virtual Datacenter Subscriptions.

Currently we are having strange issues with the subscription assignment.

1. Please see attached picture #1, which shows that our Subscription for RHEL Standard shows up twice in the Subscriptions tab. Basically we have 76 RHEL Subscriptions assigned to the manifest. But in Katello, the 76 shows up twice with the same Contract and Account ID.
The same occures to our Virtual Datacenter Subscriptions.
In the manifest, i have added a number of 8 VDC, but in Katello, the 8 show up twice.

2. I have added 8 of the VDC Subscriptions to 8 of our esx hosts, reported by virt-who.
In the 2nd screenshot you can see, that 8 are consumed but only 7 hosts are counted we this subscription. When i click on the missing esx and check its subscription status it says fully entitled.

I would appreciate any input on how to fix this.
Kind regards,

s1.png (13.4 KB) Preview Philipp Mueller, 02/23/2018 08:57 AM

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#1 Updated by Philipp Mueller 3 months ago

Edit: virt-who correctly reports the vm-to-esx mapping and the vms are fully entitled

#2 Updated by Andrew Kofink 3 months ago

  • Release set to Katello 3.5.2
  • Target version set to Team Brad - Backlog

#3 Updated by Andrew Kofink 2 months ago

  • Release changed from Katello 3.5.2 to Katello 3.5.3

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