Bug #6817

Compute Profile not saving/using Security Groups for AWS VPC groups. EC2 groups work fine.

Added by Shawn LoPresto over 3 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Assigned To:Swapnil Abnave
Category:Compute resources - EC2
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Found in release:1.5.2 Pull request:https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/4089
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Setting the Security groups in a compute profile is not working. Once changes are saved, revisiting the Compute Profile settings results in a lit of blank security groups. Trying to launch a new host using this profile will result in no rules being added unless you specifically add them at the time of launch. I am running Foreman 1.5.2 and the issue also existed in 1.5.1.

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Duplicated by Foreman - Bug #10321: Compute Profiles Still Lose Security Groups on Select Duplicate 04/29/2015

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Revision 891c47ba
Added by Swapnil Abnave 11 months ago

Fixes #6817 - AWS VPC groups - show after saving


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#2 Updated by Ashton Davis over 3 years ago

A related behavior to this - it seems that the form doesn't do a pull for the selected security group in the list. When I open a compute profile or load one, the security group first selected in the list doesn't load into the selection form below it.

#3 Updated by Andy Taylor almost 3 years ago

I'm seeing this problem in Foreman 1.7.3 as well.

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