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Not able to set domain in interfaces initially

Added by Ryan Dyer about 8 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Host creation
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I am seeing a behavior with 1.9.0 that I believe is a bug.
Two puppet environments defined. (dev and factory)
Single domain defined. (
Multiple subnets defined all belonging to the domain above.

Create a new host, select one of the puppet environments. Go to Interfaces and select edit. Attempt to set the Domain. There is no drop down. Cancel the edit interfaces dialog screen. Re-Edit and the drop down for the domain will work just fine. Also if you do not select a puppet environment initially, you can go to the edit dialog and select a domain. The issue seems to be related to selecting a puppet environment and then attempting to edit the interface. A quick cancel and re-edit resolves the issue.

I have tried this under chrome and IE with the same results

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I reproduced the issue, it seems related to select2, web console prints following

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasClass' of null

when I click on domain select box. It fails after selection of any environment even if domain is already set, you go back to first tab, select an environment and get back to interfaces form. It seems that only environment selection breaks the select2 js, if you change deploy on or other field that also redraw the form, domain selection works again.

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