Bug #11871

Subscription table has mismatched row colors when there are an odd number of subscriptions under one name

Added by John Mitsch over 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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screenshot -->

Steps to reproduce:
1) Import a manifest with 2 subscriptions under one name
2) Visit Subscriptions page

The subscription table will alternate grey and white rows, which makes the names hard to pick out when there are two subscriptions under one name. It throws off the color alternation of names in white and details in grey. In the screenshot above this can be seen in the last two subscriptions.

Expected results:
The names are all in white rows and the subscriptions in grey rows, making the table more readable

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Revision 5a4af062 (diff)
Added by John Mitsch over 5 years ago

Fixes #11871 - subscription rows match colors when grouped (#6152)

Anywhere in the UI where we show subscriptions and there are grouped
rows of subscriptions, the rows are mismatched colors [1]
They are changed to now be the same color within groupings

[mismatched rows](
[matching rows](


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It used to be that both the name and the quantity row(s) would be the same color to show their grouping together. Thus you would have:

GRAY   zoo
GRAY   0 out of 2
GRAY   0 out of 4
WHITE  bar
WHITE  0 out of 3
GRAY   foo
GRAY   1 out of 4

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