Bug #15566

cannot register node when using a Katello content view as install media: Fetch TFTP boot files for task failed with the following error: undefined method `path' for nil:NilClass

Added by Pablo Escobar almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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I am testing Katello 2.4.1 with Foreman 1.10.4 on Centos6 because I would like to use a Katello content views as installation media for my nodes. Currently I manually maintain a local centos mirror which I use with Foreman but I would like to switch and manage the mirror with Katello. I am trying to install Centos 7.2 nodes.

If I register a node as it's usually done with Foreman using a regular mirror as "installation media" I can register the node fine and the required files are copied to /var/lib/tftpboot/boot/ . I used this mirror for testing

The problem I found is that if I sync the same mirror using Katello (I add a new product >> content view) and then I select this content view as installation media when I try to register the node I get this error:

Unable to save
Fetch TFTP boot files for task failed with the following error: undefined method `path' for nil:NilClass

I tried to enable debug logs in the foreman-proxy but I couldn't figure out any solution.

I have uploaded [[]] two screenshot with the options I am selecting when registering the host. I think this is a bug or am I doing something wrong?


#1 Updated by Dominic Cleal almost 6 years ago

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The error message occurs when no installation medium is selected, and has been fixed in #15439. Moving for the remainder of the bug.

#2 Updated by Pablo Escobar almost 6 years ago

Is there any workaround to use Katello content views as installation medium with current Katello-2.4.1 and Foreman 1.10.4? Or this won't be possible until new release fixing this bug is published?

Is the recommended workflow to use a regular mirror to register and install the nodes and then switch to Katello's contents views for rpms installations?

#3 Updated by Pablo Escobar almost 6 years ago

For anyone having this issue, I found a workaround I think:

1) add a new installation media. As url for the installation media go to Content > products > select the centos repository and copy the "Published At" url

2) associate this installation media with your OS

3) when registering the host, in the "operating system" tab select the installation media you just created and you should be able to register the host and required boot files will be copied to /var/lib/tftpboot/boot/ in the machine where you run foreman-proxy

#4 Updated by Justin Sherrill almost 6 years ago

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A lot of this functionality was re-written in katello 3.0. I'm going ahead and closing. If you can reproduce please reopen.

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