Bug #17207

Content Host content_facet uuid is set to nil when changing a registered host to a new content view

Added by Andrew Kofink about 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When changing the content view via the Katello content host UI of a registered content host with a non nil content_facet.uuid, the content_facet.uuid is set to nil.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Register a content host
2. Check Host.find(:id).content_facet.uuid is non-nil
3. From the Content Hosts Show page, update the content view to a different content view
4. Check Host.find(:id).content_facet.uuid is now nil

Found on master branch

Associated revisions

Revision 1e17400f (diff)
Added by Brad Buckingham about 4 years ago

fixes #17207 - fix content_facet_attributes updating

This commit fixes an issue where updating the content view
on a content host would result in the content facet uuid
being set to nil.


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Unlinking the bugzilla, as this issue is different. In the other case, the uuid is not getting removed.

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