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Add links to email summary report to give more direct access to interesting events

Added by Callum Scott over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Currently the only way to view an interesting event (eg something restarted or applied) from the summary report is to click on the host name then the reports button. This is ok if you are looking at a report that was generated recently. However if you are looking at an older report (anything older than 12 hours pretty much), it can take some time to find as there is un-interesting data all over the place.

Can the number of events in the report be modified so if you were to click on it, it would take you to the reports page for the host and automagically apply the appropriate filter to the page. eg I click on 7 skipped tasks for and it would take me to foremanserver/hosts/ with a filter for " and skipped = 7" ?

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Revision 3e7700b6 (diff)
Added by Greg Sutcliffe over 9 years ago

Fixes #1848 - Link non-zero report summaries to the equivalent report search


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I can try and tackle that - seems like an easy one for next week :)

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