Bug #1897

Puppet clients activity overview is not updated from incoming reports

Added by Andreas Ntaflos almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Currently running develop (6099f480bc98781b92980aed862b2830b5f5ec88, along with with the pull request in issue #1872 for working Puppet 3.0 integration). All hosts and masters are running Puppet 3.0.0.

It seems the Puppet clients activity overview doesn't show any Puppet activity any more, even though the reports are coming in correctly from the Puppetmaster. I can see reports with activity (service refresh, package installations, etc) in the reports section of any given host but the overview on the dashboard doesn't reflect any of that. The only thing the overview still indicates is whether a host has or has not sent a report at all in the last 35 minutes. I.e. "no report" or "out of sync" are still indicated, but not if there has been general activity or any errors during the puppetrun.

No idea where to start looking for the problem here.

foreman-report1.png View foreman-report1.png 159 KB Andreas Ntaflos, 10/15/2012 09:53 PM
201210251055.yaml 201210251055.yaml 390 KB Andreas Ntaflos, 10/25/2012 07:14 AM
Foreman report1

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#1 Updated by Sam Kottler almost 10 years ago

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How do you know that reports are coming into Foreman? Do you see the queries in the production log?

#2 Updated by Andreas Ntaflos almost 10 years ago

Yes, I see messages such as the following in production.log:

Started POST "/reports/create?format=yml" for at Tue Oct 16 03:40:18 +0200 2012
  Processing by ReportsController#create as YML
  Parameters: {"report"=>"[FILTERED]"}
processing report for
Rendered text template (0.0ms)
Completed 200 OK in 279ms (Views: 1.0ms | ActiveRecord: 30.6ms)

And, as I said, the "Reports" page of any given host accurately shows the various activities, such as installing packages or restarting services. See attached screenshot for an example.

#3 Updated by Andreas Ntaflos almost 10 years ago

Just updated to 4e493ad7e8b7adeea1a486169579971733eb7c8f but unfortunately the problem remains. The reports seem to come in fine and their contents are accurate when viewing single reports of any given host. But the dashboard overview doesn't reflect that and apparently neither does the reports overview page of a host at http://foreman/hosts/ The latter shows all Zeroes in all columns (Applied, Restarted, Failed, Restart Failures, Skipped, Pending), which is not correct for a host which did have Puppet activity.

I am inclined to believe that this is a Foreman problem and not related to any particular detail of our setup, but I don't know how to investigate further here.

#4 Updated by Ohad Levy almost 10 years ago

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can you please enable reports = store on your master, and upload a sample report to the ticket?

#5 Updated by Andreas Ntaflos almost 10 years ago

Attached is now a report from today, 12:55 (CEST).

#6 Updated by Andreas Ntaflos almost 10 years ago

Can I provide anything else to help diagnose this? It seems either I am the only one suffering from this problem or nobody else looks at the dashboard much :)

#7 Updated by Ohad Levy almost 10 years ago

sorry,I didnt have the chance to look at it yet, (and the whole puppet 3 thing), I'll try to catch some time for it in the next few days...

#8 Updated by Ohad Levy almost 10 years ago

btw: thanks! - please keep reminding us if we are not following up quickly enough :)

#9 Updated by Greg Sutcliffe almost 10 years ago

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Can you try updating to the latest version of the puppet3 pull request from 1872? We merged in some workaround code for the reports stuff - would be good to know it solves your problem :)

#10 Updated by Andreas Ntaflos almost 10 years ago

Ah, now that's more like it :) The dashboard now seems to work properly again, showing Puppet agent activity (active, error, etc). Looks good!

#11 Updated by Greg Sutcliffe almost 10 years ago

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Excellent, thanks for testing!

#12 Updated by Ohad Levy over 9 years ago

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fixed as part of the #1872 fix

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