Bug #19289

publishing a content-view does not generate installation media

Added by Daniel Kimsey about 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Installation Media is generated for OS syncs automatically for Library. But not for content-views. This in particular affected my attempts at provisioning because the Library view is not published to my isolated capsule and the kickstart was using a @mediapath that would never resolve (

The suprise was simply setting a content host & lifecycle did not dictate the installation media. Honestly not entirely sure what the desired behavior should be.


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What version of Katello are you running when hitting this?

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This is working as designed, for a couple reasons:

a) generating installation media across organizations did not work
b) installation media does not work well with external foreman proxies with content (and doubles or triples the number of media needing to be created)

There is a feature available when creating a new host or hostgroup or editing a host or host group where you can select what synced repository to use when provisioning. Look for the 'synced content' tab beside the installation media selection on these pages.

You will need to insure that content view, lifecycle environment, content source, arch, and operating system are all selected for this to work, and for the repo containing the kickstart to be promoted in your content view to your lifecycle environment.

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