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Katello::ContentView.update_cp_content outdated and non-functional

Added by Matthias Dellweg 11 months ago. Updated 8 days ago.

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commit 1545b9ecaa9b5c99c5aa4802bc52e182f49f3980 deletes a lot of code thereby rendering Katello::ContentView.update_cp_content unfunctional.

The error message looks like:
NoMethodError: undefined method `update_cp_content' for #<Katello::ContentViewEnvironment:0x000000xxxxxxxx>

The undefined method was in `app/models/katello/glue/candlepin/environment.rb`.

Is Katello::ContentView.update_cp_content unused and should therefore be removed, or should the code in glue be resurrected?


#1 Updated by Eric Helms 11 months ago

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Could you share what operation or action you performed that led you to run into this? That will help with replicating the failure you are seeing. Also, what version of Katello were you running?

#2 Updated by Matthias Dellweg 11 months ago

assuming you have a running foreman/katello instance, and created a content view with an associated view environment, you can call
Katello::ContentView.first.update_cp_content Katello::ContentView.first.environments.first
in the rails console.
I have no idea, whether you can trigger it from the web ui. I found the problem while digging through the code and was unsure about the implications.

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