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Yum update gone wrong - some services failed

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Katello 3.3.2 / Foreman 1.14.2

Yesterday I performed a yum update on our katello box that completed OK. Today after even after a reboot I can't access the webpage.

Doing a 'katello-service status' I see some services are not started e.g. smart_proxy_dynflow_core and httpd. Output of command is attached.

Any chance of finding out why this happened and/or how to start the unstarted services?


service_status.txt service_status.txt 16.3 KB Kent Knudsen, 08/24/2017 09:30 AM


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If you haven't already, can you run foreman-installer --upgrade?

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John Mitsch wrote:

If you haven't already, can you run foreman-installer --upgrade?

HI John,

I ran this a couple days ago and got an error than I can't remember today.

After a reboot yesterday I got the smart_proxy_dynflow_core service started but still not the httpd service.

Yesterday I found the solution for the unstartable httpd service on a Bugzilla page for Satellite 6.2 -

Editing the /etc/httpd/conf/ports.conf by commenting out the "Listen 443" I was able to start the apache service.

After that I was able to complete the upgrade to Katello 3.4.5 / Foreman 1.15.3 and all services started correctly.

Don't know if above workaround should have been fixed, but apperently this is related to the Foreman bug:

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We've not been able to reproduce this, going ahead and closing. If anyone else is seeing this or can provide some reproducer insight, please let us know.

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