Bug #23377

Audits - changes to external group membership are not audited

Added by roman plevka over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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There should be an audit record created while using external auth source and the external group membership changes for a user (on the remote side)

- set up an external auth source (e.g. freeIPA)
- create a user on it
- create an external group on it
- login with the external user id
- (the user should be created)
- on foreman, create a user group and map it to the external group you created
- hit refresh to load the user mappings (the ext. user should be added to the UG)
- now, on the external auth source, remove the user from the group
- on foreman, navigate to the UG and at the external group mapping tab, hit refresh again
- (the user should be removed from the group)
- list all audits and notice, the action is not audited at all

Related issues

Related to Foreman - Tracker #21879: [TRACKER] Audit every possible resourceNew2017-12-06

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Revision c68cefa6 (diff)
Added by Kavita Gaikwad over 2 years ago

Fixes #23377 - audit external group membership changes (#5555)


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