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Foreman-Proxy DHCP ISC - DNS Search set wrong for multiple domains

Added by James Perry about 2 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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When setting the DHCP search domains in foreman-proxy, the values are being set incorrectly and causing the dhclient to reject the domain search.

Version: Foreman 1.16.2-1.el7

My configuration has three different domains that have to be searched so I set the Foreman-Proxy search domains to have that configured in the dhcpd.conf file, as expected. When testing against a host using the DHCP server on the Foreman host the dhclient on the host rejects the search being sent by DHCP since it not the expected format.

Setting the dns-search:

# foreman-installer --foreman-proxy-dhcp-search-domains "","","" 

Foreman Verbose Output:

 +  option domain-search ",,"; 


 +  option domain-search "","",""; 

With option domain-search ",," set, the dhclient ignores the search options with the message:

dhclient[2951]: suspect value in domain_search option - discarded

Manually setting the options domain-search "","","" corrects the issue on the client, but each time foreman-install is run it reverts to the incorrect forem.

I searched through the various references to domain-search and domain_search under the /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules directory and found entries in /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/dhcp/templates/dhcpd.pool.erb. When testing in irb this routine sets the parameters correctly.

<% if @search_domains and @search_domains.is_a? Array -%>
option domain-search "<%= @search_domains.sort.join('", "') %>";
<% elsif @search_domains -%>
option domain-search "<%= @search_domains.split(/[, ]+/).join('", "') %>";
<% end -%>

Tested in IRB

irb(main):014:0> search_domains = ['','',''] => ["", "", ""]
irb(main):016:0> p search_domains.sort.join('", "') "\", \"\", \"" => "\", \"\", \"" 

irb(main):017:0> search_domains = "" => "" 
irb(main):018:0> p search_domains.split(/[, ]+/).join('", "') "\", \"\", \"" => "\", \"\", \"" 

I haven't yet tracked down where foreman-proxy is setting this value to be the incorrect form:


The only workaround I have found presently is to manually copy back in the dhcpd.conf backup file to change the settings to work correctly.

I am in the middle of a POC and can't upgrade to Foreman 1.17.1 at this time to see if the problem persists, but I didn't find any bug reports on this particular issue.

dhcp.conf dhcp.conf 1.05 KB James Perry, 07/03/2018 01:15 PM


#1 Updated by James Perry about 2 years ago

Copy of the dhcpd.conf file created by foreman-installer with incorrect dns-search.

#2 Updated by Peter Bray 4 months ago

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As a newbie to Foreman, I was able to reproduce this bug in Foreman 2.1.0rc1 on CentOS 8.1.

My workaround was to use the argument in form of:
--foreman-proxy-dhcp-search-domains '", "'

Note: the balanced but odd use of double quotes within the single quotes ;-)

Which produced output:
option domain-search "", "";

This would suggest to me that the installer needs to be told a list of strings is valid, and give an appropriate example of how to provide such information on the command line.


PS: The output is now inline with the sample from dhcp-options(5):

option domain-search domain-list;
The domain-search  option  specifies  a  ┬┤search  list┬┤  of
Domain Names to be used by the client to locate not-fully-
qualified domain names. The difference between this option
and historic use of the domain-name option for the same
ends is that this option is encoded in RFC1035 compressed
labels on the wire. For example:
option domain-search "", "",

#3 Updated by Peter Bray 4 months ago

  • Found in Releases deleted (2.1.0)

False Alarm

I did say I was a foreman newbie, so sorry for the additional noise

The solution is simple: just use the option twice

sudo foreman-installer \
   --foreman-proxy-dhcp-search-domains \

I was confused by option being label in the plural, and didn't realise it could be specified twice.


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