Feature #24902

allow specifying a package list when publishing a content view

Added by Chris Duryee 9 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Right now, a new content view version just gets whatever's in Library when published. This makes it difficult to replicate the same content view on multiple Katellos.

It would be better if an optional list of repos and packages can be specified to the publish call.

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Revision fcbd67c7 (diff)
Added by Chris Duryee 8 months ago

Fixes #24902 - pass in list of packages when publishing CV

Previously, the only way to control which packages land in content
view version was by using filters, or by managing the contents of the
Library versions of the repos.

This commit lets you optionally specify the exact package set you want
in your repository. It will look at the Library version of each repo,
and copy the list of packages into the CV version.

Example value for `repos_units` when calling

[ {
"label": "zoo",
"rpm_filenames": [
}, {
"label": "a_longer_label",
"rpm_filenames": [

This works the same for custom and RH repos.

When used with, you can
set the CV version number as well as the list of packages in each
repo. This is useful for cloning a CV version from one Katello to

Revision a4d21f85 (diff)
Added by Chris Duryee 8 months ago

Refs #24902 - apipie fixup for new CV publish api

The previous apipie definition was incorrect and caused problems with

The Hash definition is implicit and only the keys inside need to be


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